Meredith L. Patterson (maradydd) wrote,
Meredith L. Patterson

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*taps mic*

Well, that was the longest radio silence we've had in a while.

I don't know if this is really even a platform anymore, but there are some things I've been meaning to write, and I guess for now this is as good a place as any.

A lot's changed. Len killed himself, and deleted his LJ before he did it, so I can't even refer to him like I used to. Eventually this place may just still feel too alien; I guess we'll see.

I'm working in natural language processing again, which is sooner than I was planning on, but I'm enjoying it -- and indirectly working with martian_bob again, because life's cool like that.

Things change. Ain't nothin' like it once was; not a goddamn thing.
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