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Birthday and Travel

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday, everyone! It cracks me up that most of them showed up on Facebook, since that's the social networking service I use the least, but really I'm quite delighted by all the greetings and nifty links people sent.

I thought pretty seriously about going up to Holland yesterday, since I share a birthday with the former Queen Juliana and thus it is a national holiday. However, if I had decided to stay late into the night it would have been hard to find a hotel, so I spent the day in Leuven instead. I picked up some new SD cards for my phone and some other gadgets, and checked out some handheld video cameras, since I have a couple of video projects in mind and the camera on my phone is not that great. After that, I went to the Oude Markt, where I ran into a bunch of friends and enjoyed lots and lots of free beer. Around 11 it was getting kind of chilly, though, so I went home, had some food, and promptly zonked out.

Now I am awake, with no hangover even, and I have a hankering for ribs, so D and I are going to go find some. Mmm, ribs.

Tomorrow I fly to Orlando for a week of meetings for work. Who all lives in Florida these days? I have no sense of FL geography and will not have a car, but if anyone's up for hangouts, let's figure something out.

OK, ribs now!
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