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Keynes vs. Hayek: Round Two!

This probably makes more sense if you've already seen the previous Keynes/Hayek Rap Battle. Go check it out, I'll wait.

Now, please enjoy the lyrical stylings of Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick, featuring Richard J. Murphy:

Obviously I am backing Team Spontaneous Order; Freddie wuz robbed! I'm not sure how well these videos actually communicate the dispute between top-down Keynesian economics and bottom-up Austrian economics versus how much ends up being clever in-jokes for econ nerds, but it is worth pointing out that the EconStories team, who produced both rap battles, also have a series of videos that present both philosophies with more detail and less music. Alas, each of these has gotten at most a tenth one lousy percent of the views of "Fear the Boom and Bust". Do please go show them some love -- I think you'll find their work both entertaining and informative.
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