Meredith L. Patterson (maradydd) wrote,
Meredith L. Patterson

[PSA] Welcome new readers

Hi, everyone popping in from Slashdot, reddit and so on. Yes, I am the Meredith L. Patterson in this article. Thanks for dropping by.

I've seen a lot of questions raised in various comment threads so far, and will be glad to address them when it's not 3:30AM CET and I'm not jet lagged from flying to Germany. I'll see about putting together a mini-FAQ or something. For now, though, the question I've seen most is an easy one to answer: how do you safely dispose of biological materials when you're through with them?

Answer: I sterilize all glass, metal and high-temperature plastic equipment in an autoclave before throwing it away. The high temperature and pressure kills off any remaining bacteria. Equipment that can't be autoclaved, such as single-use plastic petri dishes, gets sterilized by being soaked in bleach for several hours. (I prefer to cover it, to prevent spills, and leave it overnight.)

More later, when I've had some sleep.
Tags: fabulous reality
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