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Ikea speedrun

Now that I'm living in the city, I've basically had to give up on the notion of having space to do much in the way of carpentry, more's the pity. Despite having encountered several small buildings' worth of usable salvage wood in the last week or so, I have no place to store it and only slightly more of a way to transport it (but that does me no good, since the only place I really have to work is inside my apartment). So I finally broke down and made a run to the Ikea in Emeryville tonight to pick up bookshelves, with the help of grepmaster and miss_education.

Elapsed time from Montgomery BART to Ashby BART, then Ikea, then loading up a Jeep Cherokee that really wasn't designed for four 6.5-foot-long boxes, then across the Bay Bridge, then unloading the bookshelves into my apartment, then back across the Bay Bridge to Oakland -- almost exactly two hours. I didn't think to check the elapsed time through the store, but thanks to grepmaster's mad route-planning skillz, we made it through the maze with nary a wrong turn or detour. And we even picked up Swedish Fish.

Thanks again to miss_education for the loan of her car and the good company today. My living room and I are in your debt.

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